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Junk can be defined as the accumulation of unwanted or unneeded items. No home or business deliberately sets out to collect junk. But it does accumulate - often in a way that no one can explain. Junk, its accumulation, the space it takes up and getting rid of it is a problem that everyone faces. Small items can go into the garbage, but what about larger things or those that are of no use or value to you but may be needed by someone else? You could donate them, but do you have the resources and time to do it? Junk is a problem and often the right way to deal with it is to use a professional junk haulage service.

Why Professional Junk Haulage?

First of all the meaning of professional junk haulage needs to be understood. It is different from regular garbage collection which collects junk from the bins outside a home or office. Junk haulage takes care of unwanted material that garbage collection will not handle – things like furniture, electronics etc. A junk haulage service will:

  • Collect junk from your home or office. Not just from the front of the building, but from inside it.
  • Have trained staff to handle whatever needs to be disposed of. Is there an old piano in the basement that has to go? How do you get it out of the house? Junk haulage professionals are trained in moving heavy and bulky items without damaging walls and floors or creating an additional mess.
  • Be insured and bonded so in the rare case of any damage occurring, you will be protected.
  • Have trucks to carry away the junk.
  • Have reusable goods deposited at donation centers, if you so desire.
  • Have verified staff so you don’t have to worry about the security of your possessions while the junk is being removed.
  • Dump the junk only at authorized dumping sites so you will not be contributing to environmental pollution. You will also not have to worry about penalties being levied on you for improper junk disposal.
  • Come to your premises at a scheduled time and quickly and efficiently collect an remove the junk, so your time is not wasted.

Why Lunardi Moving Services?

We have nearly 50 years of experience in the packing and moving industry and are known for our professionalism and customer focus. We bring those same qualities to our junk haulage service. It may be junk that is being removed, but we do it in the same efficient, cost-effective and safe manner that we pack and move our customers’ possessions. It may be junk, but our customers always deserve the utmost respect and attention.

Contact us to learn more about our junk haulage service and how we can help you to get rid of the mess in your home or office and reclaim the space you have lost.

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