Packing Materials

What can we do for you?
  • We'll take special care with your fine instrument, paying attention to every detail to pad and prepare it for moving. We’ll carefully transport your high-value goods.
  • All special art and antique moving items are noted, carefully packed, padded and protected by special wrapping.

Lunardi Moving Services has thousands of moving boxes supplies from which to select. Whether you are moving with Lunardi Moving Services or simply in need of packing materials, moving boxes or supplies, we have everything you need. Please e-mail or call us to have moving boxes, storage boxes and packing materials and supplies delivered directly to your location.

Lunardi Moving Kit

Lunardi Moving Kit is ideal for Two Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living Room and 1 Kitchen.

Content Of This Kit:

  • 20 Small Moving Boxes 16x12x12
  • 15 Medium Moving Boxes 18x18x16
  • 6 Large Moving Boxes 24x18x18
  • 6 Rolls Of Tape 110 Yards Each Roll
  • 12" X 24' Bubble Roll
  • 10 Lbs Of Wrapping Paper
  • 4 Wardrobe Boxes 24x22x60

Promotional Price - $160.00

* Delivery is free on order if you are located in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Campbell, Cupertino or Saratoga.

Box Sizes:

1.5 Cu. Ft.Box Size 16x12x12 - Price $1.98
3.0 Cu Ft. Box Size 18x18x16 - Price $3.50
4.5 Cu Ft. Box Size 24x18x18 - Price $4.50
Wardrobe Box Size 24x22x60 - $25.00
Padding Paper 20lbs - $25.00
Tape Rolls - $4.50

  • Small book box for packing books and CDs

    Book Box - Perfect for books, CDs, small heavier items

  • box for packing fragile items

    China Box - Double corrugated for extra strength; best for dishware, glasses and fragile/breakable items

  • all-purpose box

    Linen Box - Ideal for linens and a great all-purpose box.

  • wardrobe box for packing your closet and resser

    Wardrobe Box - For all items hanging in your closet.

  • box for packing framed pictures and small mirrors

    Picture/Mirror Box - The box for all your framed pictures and small mirrors.

  • box for packing white, unprinted newspapper

    Packing Paper Bundle - White, unprinted newspaper for wrapping.

  • box packing flat screen tvs

    Flat Screen TV Box - Suitable for flat screen TVs (Up to 55").

  • shrink wrap roll

    Roll of Shrink Wrap - Plastic shrink wrap to wrap furniture to keep clean.

  • bubble wrap rolls

    Bubble Wrap - The best protection for those fragile items.

  • packing tape

    Packing Tape - The best tape for those boxes.

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