Piano Moving Services

Pianos are the heaviest among all musical instruments, weighing 800 pounds upwards. Further, a piano is a delicate item made of several static and moving parts. So trying to move a piano by yourself can not only be unwieldy but also cause damage to the piano, to the home and injury to the owners.

That is why; a piano is best moved by a Professional Moving Company. Lunardi has the necessary experience and expertise in Piano Moving and Piano Removals having moved hundreds of pianos across the country and overseas too. Considering that the acoustic panels of a piano are made of different woods, we have the knowledge of how to care for these woods during transit. Also, transporting a piano or shipping a piano overseas has complex customs and other regulations. We offer both International Air and Shipping and can help with custom clearance wherever required.

How we do it...

Preparing a piano for moving is itself a complex and time-consuming process. The lyre, lid and lid hinges of the piano are removed; the piano is then wrapped in blankets and more blankets laid on top of the piano board. Care is taken to ensure there is enough air gap between the wraps so as to prevent condensation on the piano. The piano is then lifted and the legs are removed one by one carefully.

The piano is then strapped to the piano board firmly yet carefully so that the straps do not damage the sides of the piano. The piano strapped to the board is then placed on a sturdy four-wheeled dolly and secured firmly. The dolly with piano is then loaded into the truck and the entire assembly fastened inside the truck so as to not move during transit.

Piano Movin Services

Types of piano moved

  • Spinet / Console Piano
  • Studio Upright Piano
  • Upright Piano
  • Player Upright Piano
  • Spinet Organs
  • Console Organ
  • Concert Organ
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Studio Grand Piano
  • Parlor Grand Piano
  • Concert Grand Piano
  • Player Baby Grand Piano
  • Player Studio Grand Piano
  • Player Parlor Grand Piano
  • Player Concert Grand Piano

Why Lunardi

  • Competitive Pricing: Once we know the weight and dimension of your piano, you will get an accurate and transparent quote that factors distance of the move, challenges or hurdles if any such as stairs, rough terrain to travel, limited space, etc. Other factors include number of our employees involved in the move, delivery schedules and waiting time if any.
  • Insurance cover: In addition to the federally-mandated shipping insurance, we can also provide additional insurance options that are recommended for fragile or high-value shipments. This will ensure peace of mind to you, although we assure you there will be no damage during transit.
  • Familiarity with Shipping Regulations: We are completely aware of the intricacies of shipping regulations and will take care of everything, making the moving exercise as hassle-free as possible for you.
  • Vast network: Through our large network of partners and agents, we can ship your piano anywhere in the US or the world.
  • GPS Tracking: All our trucks are GPS-enabled, so you will get hour-by-hour updates on the movement of your consignment.

If you would like to know more or make a booking, call 408-849-9630 Today!

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