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After 35 years serving clients all over the San Jose and Bay Area, we just recently opened a new branch in the Los Angeles area. We will serve the entire southern CA region, with quality, speed, and professionalism.

Santa Clara County and San Mateo County are the most demand that we have, but Lunardi wants to expand your services for different points in California and now we work hard for the next step. Everything to offer a great and professional full service moving. From south to north we will be ready to assist you.
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San Jose / Bay Area Movers

Lunardi Moving serves San Francisco and Bay Area. We are recognized by the customers as a professional moving company that delivers a fast and care job. If you are considering moving a home, an apartment, or office, Lunardi Moving Services is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service in the moving industry. Get a free estimate now!
San Jose Movers

Los Angeles / San Diego Movers

Lunardi Moving serves Los Angeles and the entire southern CA region. For moving within Los Angeles or moving north or south, Lunardi will offer the best job at the best price. San Diego and area is another part of state that Lunardi have a great reference. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who will transform your moving day into a fast, safe and stress-free move. 
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Additional Moving Services


Boxing up can be more time consuming than the move itself. While some might be comfortable with taking care of everything on their own, we realize that others might need help. If that's your case, we can step in, so leave it to the specialists trained in the art of the perfect packing! We offer a variety of add-on packing services to suit your needs.
Call us at (408) 590-5457 for prices.
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Boxes and Supplies

Whether you or our professional packers are doing the packing, Lunardi Moving Services & Storage have everything you need from a full range of moving boxes and other supplies from which to select. Please e-mail or call us now to have a moving kit delivered directly to your location.
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Donation and Hauling

Looking for junk removal combined with your move? At Lunardi Moving Services & Storage, we help make the clutter and chaos that inevitably builds over time disappear, leaving the place looking clean, organized. Give us a call and get a free quote now. Lunardi Moving Services & Storage is the number one Moving Company in the Bay Area with 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp.
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